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Learning By Doing: Low-tech ways to flip classrooms, motivate students and unlock talent

April 19, 2020

How to unlock student creativity in the classroom and engage students in analysis, problem solving and theory building rather than just application? In this presentation, Professor Groves described some of the fairly low-tech things he has been doing in his large sociology classes to achieve these goals. He gave specific examples of some of his in-class activities to demonstrate what he calls a more “organic” rather than “linear” approach to the flipped classroom. He also talked about how he has adapted some of these activities for the new online teaching environment.

Flipped Classroom Workshop Series 7: Flipped classroom—what is it and does it work?

April 05, 2020

In this webinar, Professor Adrian M. Lee, Deputy Director of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), led a discussion over an evidence-based approach to the design and development of flipped classrooms that aims both to engage learners and create “effective, efficient and flexible learning” (Stein and Graham, 2014). We reflected on the fundamental principles that underpin the flipped classroom approach, and discussed and reflected on using such approaches in our own disciplinary contexts. We also further highlighted the evidence available that characterises the effectiveness of this approach.

Symposium on Redesigning Student Learning Experiene in Higher Education 2019

August 22, 2019

In this symposium, 9 teams of students from 7 local universities shared with us their views and opinions regarding the topic - Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education.

Flipped Classroom Project: Second CoP Meeting

April 23, 2019

About 30 teachers and project members attended the 2nd CoP on 24 April 2019 (Wed) to explore the possibilities of publishing their work together. Professor Carmel McNaught and Professor David M. Kennedy, who have extensive research experience in the field, were invited to facilitate the meeting and advise the team on collaborative publications.

Flipped Classroom Workshop Series 6: ‘Flipping the classroom’: Strategies for success in ensuring student engagement and learning

April 24, 2019

Successful ‘flipping’ requires understanding how both teachers and students see their respective roles in the learning process. In this workshop, Professor Carmel McNaught and Professor David M. Kennedy reviewed several of the strategies recommended for designing a flipped classroom in this light and focused on how a more active classroom environment leads naturally to changes in assessment using examples from their time in Hong Kong working at several of the local universities.

Teaching in a Digital Age: Humanoid Robots as Assistants in Education

March 21, 2019

Humanoid robots are becoming more and more popular in many areas of public life: nursing, banking, retail and, to some extent, teaching. In this workshop, Prof. Juergen Handke explained the current capabilities of humanoid robots, informed about the central research and development issues and provided ideas for the use of humanoid robots as assistants in education. 


*There was a demonstration session in which Prof. Handke showed how humanoid robots can take up the role of “lecturing”, leaving more time for the teacher to facilitate learning activities especially in a flipped classroom setting. 

Flipped Classroom Approach Seminar: Digitized & Socialized Learning in An Inverted Classroom

March 20, 2019

In this seminar, Prof. Juergen Handke from the University of Marburg, Germany and Prof. Mathew Pryor from the University of Hong Kong shared their tips and strategies in implementing the flipped classroom approach. Prof. Handke introduced an integrative model of digitization in assessment and in-class collaborations; while Prof. Pryor presented a teaching development initiative that looks to promote socialized learning within a large-sized flipped classroom.

Flipped Classroom Project: First Community Gathering

September 20, 2018

To further facilitate the advancement and dissemination of the good practices of flipped teaching, our first ever community gathering was held recently.  During the occasion, teachers from our five collaborative institutions shared their ideas, strategies, and experience in flipping their classrooms, and discussed the potentials and challenges of using a flipped teaching approach.

Flipped Classroom Workshop Series 4: Synchronous and Asynchronous Support for Students Learning – Use of the Flipped Class Technique and Dialogic Videos

September 06, 2018

In this presentation, Dr Michael BOTELHO showed how he has used a variation of the flipped classroom in dentistry using worksheets with problem statements/photographs of scenarios, clinical problems and judgement skills to focus the learning and discussion between students and teacher.

Show and Tell Your Classmates the Benefits of Flipped Classroom!

Registered current students studying at the eight institutions funded by Hong Kong’s University Grants Committee are invited to form teams and participate in the Flipped Classroom Promotional Video Trailer Competition.

This workshop focuses on tips and strategies of five key components to enhance the effectiveness of flipped classroom, namely Exposure, Incentive, Activities, Assess and Evaluation. The speakers will elaborate how to apply the strategies to lead to a successful flip.

This workshop introduces the central steps towards the digitization of content for language learning. Prof. Handke not only talks about "digital language learning" but shows how and where to start.

In this workshop, two renowned guest speakers from Australia and Germany will share how they apply flipped classroom in two different domains: student employability and language learning. 

To support teachers who want to adopt the flipped classroom approach with latest trends and the best strategies, three groups of overseas educational specialists were invited to share their insights and experiences in the Flipped Classroom Approach Forum 2017. Over 80 teachers and colleagues from different institutions participated in the event. 

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