Our Strategies

The concept of “flipped classroom” may be simple, but its implementation is not. Teachers who have tried this approach may already tell you that they encountered different levels of difficulties. In fact, much care is required to avoid “flopping” the class eventually.


This project introduces the following components that are deemed essential to a successful flipped classroom.


Video lectures are the resources to students for first exposure of the knowledge before the lesson in a flipped classroom. You will get ideas and practical tips for developing effective learning materials.


The benefits of the flipped classroom cannot be obtained if students do not embrace the approach. In this component, you will learn how to provide incentives for students to prepare for class.


Instead of listening to the lecture passively, students are expected to participate in activities that focus on higher level of cognitive activities. You will find interesting ideas for interactive classroom activities. 


Assessments need to be changed as the new approach places emphasis on student engagement inside and outside the classroom. You will find strategies for designing your assessments.


Evaluation is a key component for continuous improvements of any teaching and learning innovations. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your flipped classrooms.