Workshop Plan

Below are some workshop ideas to guide your fellow faculties to explore and discuss on the strategies we demonstrated. Most suggested activities come with both online and offline versions. Check them out and click on the document icon next to each column for detailed instructions/ workshop resource(s). 


Designing your storyboard

Ask your participants to design their own storyboards with a worksheet we prepared. Invite them to share their ideas with other audience afterwards.
Equipment: Ball pens
Time: 20 minutes



Invite participants to brainstorm on the methods to engage student in flipped learning. Ask them to vote on each others' ideas for further discussion.
Equipment: Whiteboard, post-it notes, marker pens, few sheets of dot stickers
Time: 30-45 minutes


Put yourself in my shoes

Divide your participants in groups and ask them to think of a problem they face when flipping their classes. Each group will then choose a problem proposed by other groups and try to solve it.
Equipment: Whiteboard, marker pens
Time: 75-90 minutes


SWOT Analysis

Equipment: Whiteboard, marker pens
Time: 20 minutes

Designing your own flipped course

Equipment: "Designing Your Own Flipped Course" Worksheet, ball pens
Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: flip chart, markers
Time: 20-30 minutes

Brainstorming assessment ideas


Outline and activities

Introduce the evaluation toolkit and showcase how it was used by other teachers for discussion among participants.
Equipment: Evaluation toolkit videos
Time: 60-90 minutes